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Diskutiere Zv & Ffb im W168 Interieur und Elektrik Forum im Bereich A-Klasse W168 (1997-2004); Hi, I have a question: Last week my batteries of my original MB FunkFernBedienung were out of order, so I had to use my key to unlock the...

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  1. FLL

    FLL Guest

    I have a question:
    Last week my batteries of my original MB FunkFernBedienung were out of order, so I had to use my key to unlock the driversdoor, when I opened the door all other doors opened. But when I arrived at my destination I used the key again to lock the car BUT :o(to my surprise) only the drivers door locked itself, the rest stayed unlocked. So I had to get in the car and manually push every doorpin down *thumbdown*, lock the drivers door then remove the little black plastic thingy in the Heckklappeschloss and lock this as well !!!
    It seems to me very unlogical that if your FFB is out of order, we can't enjoy ZentralVerriegelung :-/ ?
    Is this normal ? Or just my car ?
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  3. #2 Dilbert, 06.01.2004

    Dilbert Guest

    when you unlocked the car, the driver door was unlocked, but when you opened the door every door was unlocked....... and your problem with unlocking the car is normal
  4. jpa

    jpa Elchfan

    Dabei seit:
    A 190 Avantgarde
    there's a button to lock/unlock the car, try this one... of course it isn't as comfortable as the radio control.
  5. #4 Peter Hartmann, 06.01.2004
    Peter Hartmann

    Peter Hartmann

    Dabei seit:
    Tesla Model 3 Performance

    But you can´t use it while door is open rsp. you wanna lock the car from outside... If you lock the doors before getting out of the car and open a door, every door will be unlocked.


    This problem seems to be a constructual mistake which has been discussed several times. We didn´t find a good solution for this exepting changing the battery in the FFB ;)

    btw: I´ll come to Brüssel in the next quarter of 2004 so we could meet for having a coffee?!
  6. FLL

    FLL Guest

    Yeah, ok but then you'll have to use the button after opening the driversdoor unless all doors will open again , no ?
    I know because it is programmed like this & yes I know you can change it but all this lasted only a day then I replaced the batteries but I still asked myself the question:
    why the ZV doesn't work with the key like in my mom's A140Classic version without FFB, doesn't seem logical *rolleyes*to my, but hey I'm not an MB engineer afterall :]!
    I askes my MB Werkstatt the question, we'll see what they have to say, or else I'll mail the question to Maastricht/MB CAC (like I did for my wintertyres - superfast service by the way ! *thumbup*)
  7. FLL

    FLL Guest

    @ Peter:

    Sure, Sounds great 8), I work in the center of Brussels ! *thumbup*

    Send my a mail when you think of coming to Brussel, we could even try a real Belgian beer ;D
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  9. Hägar

    Hägar Elchfan

    Dabei seit:
    bei Gütersloh
    A 170 CDI
    Ok one thing is possible.

    Get out of your car, close the door, open the back door and push the button to close the doors. It works only with the back doors!!!

    No good solution, but better than pushing all buttons manually down.

    Better change the battery *thumbup*
  10. FLL

    FLL Guest

    Ok, thanks a lot for the advice. This last one is especially usefull to lock the booth !
    I'll sent a mail to Holland anyway.
    It is too stupid that if you buy a Classic, you get ZV standard, if you spend more money on a Elegance or Avantgarde, you get only FFB and no ZV.
    I got the batteries changed but my mom who has an Classic and not used to using a FFB, only locked my car with the key, so the whole night my car was on the street unlocked, of course she didn't know any better, but still…

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